Rendering on the web (Client Side, Server Side, Static & Pre-rendering)
Rendering on the web (Client Side, Server Side, Static & Pre-rendering)

Welcome back my readers! Today, I have chosen a very hot topic or I would say very important topic for web developers and even marketers. Why I address it as important? You got it? No. Not an issue! Let’s understand it first.

As we all know, without an audience, your product is nothing! That’s why, web developers, marketers give their day and night to make their website visible to search engines. Everybody wants their website to come on top in search results like me, wishing this article to come on top whenever anybody searches about the different rendering on the…


Today, we will enhance our ReactJS knowledge by looking into its another power which is React Hooks. React Hooks are introduced in 16.8 version. The interesting thing is React Hooks are not for classes. They are introduced to let us use React without classes. Confused? I was also confused when i encountered this statement. Without a wait, let’s understand it.

What are React Hooks?

Let’s first look into the definition of official React documentation:

React Hooks are functions that let us “hook into” the React state and lifecycle features from functional components.

Seems Complicated..Let’s understand it in simple words. React Hooks are functions that…

In this article, we are going to explore the lifecycle methods of ReactJS. But, before moving ahead to React’s different lifecycle methods, we should understand what it is.

As we know, everything in this world follows a cycle (say humans or trees). We are born, grow, and then die. Almost everything follows this cycle in its life, and React components do as well. Components are created (mounted on the DOM), grow by updating, and then die (unmount on DOM). This is referred to as a component lifecycle.

There are different lifecycle methods that React provides at different phases of a…

Today I am going to highlight the basics of the world of React. If you have just started your journey in ReactJS, then I would say you have landed in the right place. In this article, I have tried to cover the basics of React in a very simple manner. I hope at the end of article you will know the fundamental concepts of React.

Let’s start.

ReactJS — A powerful library

As you might have already read in many places, React is a library for making web and mobile UI. It was developed by Facebook.

ReactJS is component driven. Everything is a component which…

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